Outdoor Upgrades to Boost Your Home’s Value

Outdoor spaces are untapped potential when it comes to increasing home value. If you have a backyard, garden, or outdoor area that’s untouched, there are upgrades you can do that can help boost your property’s value and make your outdoor living experience better than ever. Find out some of the top outdoor upgrades below. Add […]

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Washington brokers say bidding wars, escalating prices, and buyer fatigue are widespread

KIRKLAND, Washington (April 7, 2021) – Brokers with Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS) added 10,562 new listings to inventory during March — the highest volume since September when they added 11,210 properties to the selection. Even so, demand continued to outstrip supply, keeping inventory depleted. The latest statistical summary from Northwest MLS shows double-digit price […]

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Spring is Here—Time for Some Cleaning!

Spring cleaning, in its many forms, has been a practice around the globe for hundreds of years. And there’s no better time than the beginning weeks of Spring to give your home a refresh. Take this time to focus on the areas and spaces often overlooked and/or forgotten and bring new life and energy to […]

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2020 Washington Year in Review

KIRKLAND, Washington. (January 19, 2021) – Northwest Multiple Listing Service member-brokers reported 95,760 closed sales during 2020 valued at more than $56 billion. Both the number of transactions and dollar value eclipsed the totals for 2019. Last year’s sales of residential (single family) homes and condominiums outgained 2019 by 3,257 transactions for a 3.5% increase. […]

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COVID-19 and the Real Estate Business

Yes, real estate business is still being conducted in the State of Oregon, just with some modifications. The Governor’s Stay at Home order comes down to two important ideas: All work must be done from our homes whenever possible. If it’s not possible for us to get our work done from home, then we can […]

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Guide to Asbestos in the Home

In the era of do-it-yourself home renovations, many homeowners are knocking down ceilings and walls, and tearing out floor tiles and old pipes. But in their efforts to upgrade and beautify their older homes, they might unknowingly be contaminating the air they breathe with toxic asbestos fibers. Our Guide to Asbestos in the Home offers […]

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Asbestos in Oregon

Oregon Ranking in U.S. for mesothelioma & asbestosis deaths: 19th Oregon Mesothelioma Deaths: 619 Oregon Asbestosis Deaths: 169 Oregon Total Asbestos Related Deaths: 788 Because of Oregon’s coastline, the state was an ideal location for many shipyards. When these shipyards peaked in production, the use of asbestos-containing products was extensive and many workers were exposed to the toxic material. An […]

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Sellers, Don’t Fall for These Pricing Myths

One of the most important subjects a real estate agent can advise their sellers on is how to price their home accurately for the market as it is, not as we might wish it to be. No matter how beautiful or well-maintained a home is, or how many upgrades it has, if it’s not properly […]

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Is October the Best Month to Buy a House?

Autumn is a great time in general to be in the market for a house, but October may be the best month of all! You’ll have less competition and sellers who may be eager to get their home sold before the holiday months hit. Read on for details. It’s the best month to get a […]

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Oregon 1st State to End Single-Family Zoning

Governor Kate Brown has signed into law several housing bills designed to deal with the housing crisis in Oregon, including one that would eliminate single-family zoning in certain cities. HB2001 requires cities with populations greater than 10,000 to “allow duplexes in lands zoned for single-family dwellings.” It also requires cities with populations greater than 25,000 […]

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Oregon’s First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account Law

  A law was recently passed that allows Oregonians to put money in a savings account toward the downpayment on their first home and not get taxed on the money! Below are the details. Who’s eligible? Any Oregon resident who hasn’t purchased or owned a single-family home, either individually or jointly, in the three years […]

Oregon’s New Rent Control Law

Oregon became the first state to impose a statewide rent control policy. Along the way, it banned evictions without cause. What does it mean for renters? Here’s a quick guide. Q. What’s the cap on rent increases and how does it work? A. The new law caps rent hikes at 7 percent plus inflation during any […]

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Preparing for a Home Inspection

Our local real estate market will begin to pick up steam now that the Christmas/Winter holidays are officially behind us. With the warm winter we’ve been having, it wouldn’t be surprising if we get daffodils in February. All of this has us thinking about people who are planning to sell their home in the coming […]

What About Your Pets?

You are selling your house and doing everything that you can think of to get it ready: cleaning, de-cluttering, and making repairs. It’s a project and you are in it up to your elbows when it occurs to you that you need to figure out what to do about your golden retriever and 2 cats. […]

Spring Is Here! Home Care Tips

Certain home maintenance tasks should be completed each spring to prevent structural damage, save energy, and keep all your home’s systems running properly. Here are the major issues you should be aware of for homes in the Pacific Northwest: Follow up on moss treatments for your roof. Assuming you applied anti-moss treatments in the fall, spring is […]

Portland Home Energy Audits

The City of Portland has passed a law that goes into effect on January 1st, 2018 that requires all sellers of homes within the city limits to get a home energy performance report that includes a home energy score. This score needs to be made available to any buyers considering the property. Your Oregon First […]

Septic Systems in Oregon

A septic system is the most common form of onsite sewage treatment for homes that are not connected to the public sewer system. A septic system consists of a septic tank, where solids settle and decompose, and a drainfield where liquid discharged from the tank is treated by bacteria in the soil. You could also run into Sand Filter […]

Portland’s Lead Problem

Among America’s 75 biggest water providers, only one has recently exceeded federal standards for elevated lead levels in the drinking water of high-risk homes. Portland. And when Portland isn’t surpassing that benchmark, it hovers just below – with current testing showing the greatest lead levels among all large cities. The Rose City’s poor position nationally is coming […]

Earthquake Preparedness

The issue of Earthquake preparedness has come to the forefront of Pacific Northwestern consciousness after an article appeared in the New Yorker with some pretty dire descriptions of what we might experience. You can read the article by clicking HERE. So what to do about it? Below are some resources for retrofitting your home, how […]

Important Change for City of Portland Home Buyers & Sellers

On January 1st, 2018, a new rule will go into effect requiring sellers of homes within the Portland city limits to: Obtain a home energy performance report, including a home energy score, from a licensed home energy assessor. Provide a copy of the home energy performance report to all licensed real estate agents working on the […]