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Knowledge Compendium

Below is the login for the Oregon First Knowledge Compendium, or KC. This is where you can search for articles on how to write an oil tank decommissioning clause so it properly protects your buyers, or find Oregon First logo files and flyer templates, or download pamphlets to give your seller clients to help them comply with Oregon’s smoke or carbon monoxide detector laws, etc. It’s a treasure trove of information for all kinds of situations that come up in our industry.

Website Leads

Below is the link to access the leads you receive from Oregon First, plus the accounts of your clients and customers who’ve signed up with you to receive updates of properties as they come on the market. Be sure to toggle to Team Member in the top box.

Digital Signatures

Below is the link to access the FREE digital signature program that all Oregon First agents get when they sign up with us. It benefits you and your clients by making it fast and easy for them to sign documents. It’s online, so it can be used anywhere, from any computer or mobile device.

Agent-to-Agent Knowledgebase

Oregon First has created a Google Group for all our agents so they can communicate easily with each other. We call it havesandwants. This is where you can learn from, and share knowledge with, your fellow agents. Get referrals to good electricians, mortgage brokers, movers, inspectors, etc. Offer to hold someone’s listing open for them. Find out what other people’s experiences were with a particular auction site or bank in a short sale situation.

There are a few rules to remember when using havesandwants:

  • You log in with your Oregon First email account, Gmail, or a personal Google account for the email address you use with havesandwants.
  • When you answer someone’s question, remember to use “Reply All”. That way your information gets sent back to havesandwants and helps grow our database of agent knowledge.
  • Please don’t post about charities or school events. We want to keep this about the real estate business, only.
  • Whether you are looking for a vendor or recommending one, be sure to include the general location where the vendor works.

Your Oregon First Email Account

Oregon First gives all our agents their own personalized Oregon First email address. The address is always There is no charge for this service, and agents are advised to keep separate email addresses for personal and business matters.

Transaction Management Platform

Oregon First uses an online transaction management system that allows you to access all your files from any computer. Since it contains a free digital signature function, your transactions can be completely paper-free, depending on the comfort level of your clients. This system also automates including emails and texts into the official file, and keeps track of all file related discussions you have with your managing broker.

Other Resources for Our Agents

Continuing Education Calendar

Check out our Continuing Education Calendar for company classes and select classes from outside Oregon First. Note that we have continuing education classes going on throughout the week, including Saturdays. These classes are FREE and almost always count toward your license renewal.

Use Any Oregon First Office

Our agents may use any Oregon First location. We have placed RMLS lockboxes on all of them so you don’t need to make prior arrangements—just go on in!

Wireless Network

All Oregon First offices have wireless Internet service. Any member of our Agent Services Team can tell you the password and help you set it up on your device, no problem at all!

Wireless Flatscreens

All Oregon First offices have wireless flatscreens you can access from your laptop, mobile phone or pad. Make sure your device is connected to the office wireless network and your device should automatically see the flatscreen and give you the option to connect to it. If you need help, any member of our Agent Services Team will be happy to walk you through it.

Marketing Support

Need flyers? Just Sold or Just Listed Postcards? Need to order more business cards? Want to send a monthly email blast to your sphere? Need to get a 3D tour of your listing? Call or email any member of our Agent Services Team.

Listing & Transaction Assistance

For just $75 per transaction and $150 for a listing + transaction, any member of our Agent Services Team can act as your personal assistant, opening escrow, confirming deposit of earnest money, ordering professional photographs, placing home warranties, putting together broker demands, scheduling inspections, etc. Most of you will develop a relationship with the admin at your particular home office, but they all work together to make sure everything gets done, and you’re free to choose any particular assistant.