Why Join Oregon First?

Oregon First, Realtors® is a local, independent brokerage with a good reputation and decades of experience supporting successful real estate careers. Since our founding in 1994, we have been consistently listed in the Portland Business Journal’s annual ranking of Top Residential Real Estate Firms. At around 250 agents, we’re neither so large that you’ll feel lost, nor so small that you’ll miss out on tools and training.


You work hard for your money, and Oregon First lets you keep more of the money you earn. Our commission programs offer a favorable split with a low cap — not a desk fee, but a cap on what we can take. If your anniversary date rolls around and we haven’t gotten the full cap, you don’t owe us anything.

  • 70/30 until $8,400
  • You keep 70% of your commissions until Oregon First has received $8,400, then you keep 100%. This is our most popular option.
  • 50/50 until $7,500
  • You keep 50% of your commissions until Oregon First has received $7,500, then you keep 100%.
  • 100% for $6,600
  • You keep 100% of your commissions from day one by pre-paying a lump sum of $6,600.
  • There is also a $98 transaction fee. Once you hit 100%, it bumps up to $198. And that’s it. No other fees or charges. (Unless you go six months without any sort of payout. Then we will charge a $30 a month holding fee until you have a payout.)
  • Teams
  • The cap for a team is equal to one full cap for the first member, but only 1/2 a cap for each additional member. A two person team choosing option 3, for example, would pay a total cap of $9,900 or $4,950 per team member. And if you’re a principal broker with a licensed assistant who pays that assistant directly, with all your transactions in your name, and the assistant just doing the back-end stuff, you would only pay one cap. Your assistant would simply owe $30 a month after 6 months of officially not receiving a commission check from Oregon First, and you could pay that fee for them. Our team options are a screaming good deal.
  • We believe we’ve hit the sweet spot in terms of allowing you to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible, while still providing you with the resources you need to build a strong business and impress potential clients with what you have to offer.


  • Professional Support Staff
  • Your phone call is always answered, and your visitor is always greeted, by a friendly, helpful staff member during normal business hours. Our Agent Support Team can help you with flyers, postcards, Craigslist ads, photos in RMLS, setting up your mobile devices, answering your questions about social media, etc.
  • At Oregon First, you can have your own assistant for the minimal cost of $75 per transaction, or $150 for a listing + transaction. These are the folks who make you look good. Your assistant will be one of our salaried administrative team, working from our offices—a person you know and can develop a long term relationship with. We don’t farm this work out to someone working from home, who may or may not have experience, because we know that this is very important work. This is someone you can rely on to keep you on the right track, and free up your time to get and serve more clients.
  • Personalized One-On-One Coaching and Training
  • We assign all our agents their own managing principal broker who will act as your mentor and personal trainer at no additional cost to you. They will be available to you, including evenings and weekends, to answer your questions, look over your paperwork, and give you the benefit of their expertise and experience. These are people who want you to grow and succeed. They will never require you to hand over leads to them, or otherwise take advantage of their mentor relationship with you. And if you get assigned a lead from our website, we don’t charge you for that. That’s just part of us helping you build your business. We understand that we succeed when you succeed.
  • We also have continuing education classes every day of the week except Sunday. No matter which office you call home, you can attend any of these classes for free. You can also join in via Zoom from your home. In addition to being full of useful information, they earn you credits toward your license renewal and are a great way to connect with others in the business.
  • Our Saturday morning class at the main office in SW Portland runs for two hours and is specifically geared toward newer agents, or experienced agents who want to brush up on the basics. We go over the Sale Agreement in detail, talk about how to get business, review situations like offers contingent on the buyer’s current home selling, etc.
  • Click HERE to see our searchable continuing education calendar.
  • Modern Equipment in Stylish, Convenient Facilities
  • Oregon First offices are in easy-to-find locations on main thoroughfares. All of our offices were recently remodeled, so they are places where you can be proud to take clients. We have free coffee and snacks, desktop computers, wireless networks for your laptops, color printing and scanning, sit-stand desks, private offices for quiet work, lounge areas for socializing, stylish conference rooms for meeting clients, and more. We have tried to create dynamic and inviting spaces for however you like to work. All our branches are available for you to work from or meet clients in, no matter which office is your home base.
  • Free and Useful Technology
  • All our agents get their own lead-capture webpage. It has a customizable space for your testimonials, bio, and any credentials you want to tout. It will have all your current listings and homes you’ve sold in the past, as well as a location where people can sign up for updates on properties as they become available. It also has a blog post and a market conditions report, both of which will be automatically updated for you. You don’t have to do anything. You can concentrate on serving your clients and leave the tech stuff to us. This is all at no cost to you.
  • You can assure your sellers that all Oregon First listings are automatically sent to Zillow, Trulia, realtor.com, OregonLive, and even our competitors’ websites. We get maximum web exposure for our agents and their clients. Again, this is at no cost to you. All our listings also have their own webpage with a customizable URL that you choose to best promote your listing.
  • We provide you with a paperless, cloud-based transaction management platform, an agent-to-agent Google group for sharing knowledge and picking up open house opportunities, a knowledge compendium or in-company wiki with articles and resources on many topics, from legal issues to tech help, FREE digital signatures, and more.
  • We Look Out for You
  • With our checklists, continuing education, managing broker review and advice, knowledge compendium, and more, we do everything we can to help you minimize the risks inherent in the real estate business, and keep you on the right track. But sometimes, even when you do everything right, you can find yourself needing legal help. Oregon First purchases Errors and Omissions insurance for all our agents, and it includes the services of a lawyer if the worst happens. We stand by our people.


Oregon First is locally owned and operated, with a friendly, open culture. We often receive compliments from our agents who’ve come to us from other companies for how helpful and professional our staff is, and how nice their fellow agents are. The tag line on our website puts it succinctly: “Oregon First: Good Homes for Good People—Local, Trustworthy, Professional.”


For even more details, click here: TheScoop. Then call one of our Managing Principal Brokers for a confidential meeting:

Mickey J. Lindsay
Washington State & West Metro
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East Metro
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Elise Campbell
New Licensee Managing Broker
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