About Nicole Van Sant

When you think of a real estate agent you typically think of an outspoken, energetic, extrovert, but my skills are more understated. Which meant when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in real estate I had to ignore the inner voice telling me that I didn't fit the mold. I had to listen to the stubborn voice in the background that reminds me that I have a quiet tenacity that will take me far in the business. I have a tempered personality, with a tendency to be socially anxious, and I tip the scales toward introverted, but I am also one of the best listeners you will ever meet. I care deeply about those around me, and truly want to help. I am a 4th generation Portlander who knows this city like the back of my hand. I am observant, I am honest, I am a hard worker, and I am so much more than the quiet person that people tend to overlook. 

As a realtor, my goal is to use my expertise  to make sure that everyone I meet, and work with, comes away feeling valued, supported, and comfortable. The process of buying, or selling a home can be both stressful and overwhelming; it can also be exciting and fulfilling. It is my hope that I can help alleviate  the negative aspects, and narrow the focus to the positives. I am comfortable with all forms of communication so email, text, or call, and let's get started making your real estate dreams a reality!