About Jenny Newtson

Buying and selling real estate is complicated.  Why do it alone? As an Oregon First, Realtors® real estate agent, I can help you, whether you are just curious about a house you drive past, or you need to understand our ever-changing real estate market.  A good agent will ensure your negotiation and sale goes as smoothly as possible, and on-time. I'm fully trained in all the procedures and regulations buyers and sellers need to know to reduce your risk, speed up your search, and make certain your next home is exactly what you're looking for.

It's important to find the right agent - one you can trust, and who understands your values and priorities.  My family has sold real estate in Oregon since 1905. With my background in public radio journalism and the arts, I find I really like working with creative people.  Let's find the buyer who appreciates your fine touches, or a property that resonates with your needs.  I enjoy win-win solutions as much as walks on the beach! I look forward to working with you.  Sign up on the left, or give me a call today. What can I do for you?