Our Mission and History

Oregon First is a home grown, independent brokerage. Since our founding in 1994, we have been consistently listed in the Portland Business Journal’s annual survey of Top Residential Real Estate Firms.

We have succeeded by concentrating on what’s really important, both to our brokers and their clients.

It’s not about image or short term profits. Our business, like the business of real estate itself, is about long-term gains earned through hard work, professionalism, and careful attention to our fiduciary duty to our clients.

Below are just some of the ways Oregon First has earned its reputation as the company to watch:

  • By providing ongoing, high quality, continuing education to all our brokers, which protects them and their clients.
  • By exposing our clients’ homes to the maximum number of buyers. We post our listings to multiple websites all over the country, including Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and OregonLive, to name just a few. This is for the benefit of our CLIENTS.
  • By giving our brokers access to online networking with each other so they can share information easily about homes they have for sale, or mortgage brokers they’ve come across who are ethical and capable, or a roofing contractor who’s affordable and reliable. This ability to share knowledge is a benefit that gets passed along to the client.
  • By making sure our brokers have a managing broker on call available to them at all times, who they can count on for answers and assistance. Real Estate doesn’t just happen from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Our managing brokers are some of the best in the business, with decades of experience and even some law degrees.

We have agents who specialize in businesses, horse properties, mobile homes, new construction, short sales, and bank-owned properties; who are green certified, senior certified, and distressed property certified; who are fluent in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Vietnamese (to name just a few) — in short, who would be the exact right fit for you, whatever your particular situation. We are proud that our team of brokers includes agents from many backgrounds, cultures, and countries.

With hundreds of licensed agents, we can help you find one who knows your area and understands your needs. Please email us at customerservice@oregonfirst.com so we can match you up with the perfect agent for you.