Sustainable Housing Resources

We’ll be updating this resource page as programs are added or retired, so you might want to bookmark this page to use as an ongoing resource. Note that words that are in red/orange are links to further information.

City of Portland

  • % for Green Funding
    This program supports construction of green street facilities in the City of Portland that manage stormwater, enhance livability, and provide other environmental benefits. Has info about successful projects, and guidelines for applying for a grant.
  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
    You will find information on this page about adding an accessory dwelling unit to a property in the City of Portland. Every dwelling unit functions as a separate unit. They are commonly known as “mother-in-law apartments”, “granny-flats” or studio apartments.
  • Alternative Technology Advisory Committee
    The Alternative Technology Advisory Committee, authorized under Portland City Code 24.10.087, assists the Bureau of Development Services in reviewing innovate sustainable building technologies and methods for compliance with the Building Code requirements. The Committee reviews requests submitted by applicants to determine if emerging technologies can be found to meet the building code, as well as promote a positive impact to the earth’s natural systems. The Committee makes non-binding recommendations to the Director (or designee) of the Bureau of Development Services that can be considered as part of a building code appeal.
  • City of Portland Bureau of Development Services (BDS) Phone Numbers:
    Building Codes questions, 503-823-1456
    Planning and Zoning questions, 503-823-7526
  • Clean River Rewards
    Clean River Rewards is Portland’s stormwater utility discount program. With Clean River Rewards, Portland ratepayers can save money and work for clean rivers and healthy watersheds at the same time. If you manage stormwater on your property, you can receive up to a 100% discount on your on-site stormwater management charges because your actions help protect rivers, streams and groundwater from the damaging effect of stormwater runoff.
  • Portland Composts!
    Instructions for curbside pickup of compostable materials, tips for maintaining a kitchen compost container, where to purchase compost, how to do your own backyard composting, etc.
  • Ecoroof Program
    Ecoroofs replace conventional roofing with a living, breathing vegetated roof system. An ecoroof consists of a layer of vegetation over a growing medium on top of a synthetic, waterproof membrane. An ecoroof significantly decreases stormwater runoff, saves energy, reduces pollution and erosion, and helps preserve fish habitat. Ecoroofs also absorb carbon dioxide, cool urban heat islands, and filter air pollutants. Ecoroofs increase habitat for birds and insects and provide much needed greenspace for urban dwellers. More developers and business owners around the world are designing, building, and managing their properties in a way that reduces negative impacts to air, water, and the earth. The result is a growing interest in using ecoroofs and roof gardens. Portland is at the forefront of this exciting green building movement.
  • Fix It Fairs
    The Fix-It Fair is a FREE City of Portland event where you can learn simple ways to save money and connect with resources. Join your neighbors and talk to the experts about how to spend less and stay healthy.
  • Home Repair Loan
    The Portland Housing Bureau (PHB) offers a no-interest rate loan of up to $15,000 to fund critical repairs like a leaky roof or electrical or plumbing issues. To qualify, the household must be low-income earning at or below 80 percent of the Median Family Income (MFI, see eligibility). The Home Repair Loan program does not charge any interest and does not need to be paid back unless the home is sold, refinanced, or no longer your primary residence. The loan is forgiven after 15 years (see loan terms).
  • Treebates
    Every tree planted in Portland contributes to cleaner rivers and streams. Treebate is an incentive to plant yard trees at Portland residences. Treebate is a seasonal program available annually from the early fall through April 30 to coincide with the best time of the year to plant.
  • Water Efficiency
    FREE water efficiency devices, as well as rebates and other incentives available to homeowners | Fact Sheets about indoor water efficiency for toilets, shower and bath, laundry, dishwashers, etc. How to do a home water audit Outdoor water efficiency Fact Sheets on plant choices, irrigation strategies, certified contractors, etc. Green Building section has extensive information on things like rain barrels and graywater use for toilets and irrigation.


  • Community Energy Project
    Non-profit providing free weatherization, lead-based paint, and accessibility upgrades and information for income eligible households and seniors.
  • Earth Advantage
    Earth Advantage is a Portland-based nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate the creation of better buildings. We provide knowledge to building professionals and information to consumers through certification, research, education, and product development to move the building industry towards more sustainable practices.
  • Energy Trust of Oregon
    Cash incentives for energy upgrades, free energy audits, energy save kits—for customers of PGE, Pacific Power, NW Natural Gas, and Cascade Natural Gas.
  • Healthy Home
    Learn less-toxic ways to clean, maintain, repair and improve your house and yard, handle moss and mercury safely, care for your pets and more. Includes the downloadable Hazardless Home Handbook.
  • MetroPaint
    MetroPaint is previously unwanted paint remade new. Screened for quality, enhanced with helpful additives and reblended into desirable colors, it’s evolved paint ready for a new purpose.
  • Natural Gardening and Recycling Information Hotline, 503-234-3000
  • Oregon Department of Energy
    A list of Oregon Department of Energy, federal government, foundations, non-profits, and utilities providing incentives, grants, rebates, or services to help you implement energy efficiency or renewable resource projects in your home or business.
  • PaintCare
    A paint stewardship program on behalf of paint manufacturers in states that have passed paint stewardship laws. Their main effort is to set up more places for people to take unwanted, leftover paint.
  • Find a Recycler
    From packing peanuts to propane tanks, get sustainable solutions for unwanted materials using Metro’s recycler directory with more than 400 local recycling and reuse sites.

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