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Do Houses Sell in the Winter?

When counseling people at this time of year, particularly people who are thinking of selling their homes, I am commonly asked if this is a good time to sell a house. Here is my take on the timing for both selling and buying. For People Selling a Home While the real estate market typically slows … read more

Foreclosure Help

Are you a homeowner concerned about foreclosure? Below are some online resources from the State of Oregon for understanding and preventing foreclosure. Preventing Foreclosure covers topics such as: Understanding your options Explanation of the foreclosure process Counseling and mediation resources Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) More Information The Oregon Department of Consumer and … read more

Realtors® vs. The Internet

Every year, The National Association of Realtors® surveys thousands of home buyers and sellers to find out what their experiences were like (all types of buyers and sellers, not just those who used a Realtor®). One of the things they’ve been keeping track of is how new technologies are affecting the way we Realtors do … read more