Marceen Bloom, Real Estate Broker

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Seeking out the right property can be a complicated process with twists and turns. It is paramount to have a good team. I can help you get there.

Likewise, selling your property and not leaving money on the table is a challenge. Marketing and understanding the local environment can help. There are always bumps and I will stay with the project until done.


Broker, Oregon First
NIH, Web Based Searching (Librarian and Information Specialist)
Lewis and Clark College, BS Psychology, Art Minor
Overseas Study in Brasil, Lewis and Clark College
University of Oregon, Mental Health Studies
Portland Community College, Graphics Department
Portland State and Museum Art School, Misc. Classes
Clackamas Community College, Student and Teachers Assistant (Industrial Department)


Real Estate Sales: 12+ years with extra experience in construction, which has been hands on and making it through whatever gauntlet the city planning department can devise. I survived, but truly love working with builders. I am great with research and will do research to find the perfect property. I have the imagination to see what is possible and what is needed on a practical level.

Commercial or Industrial is great, too. I have insight into industrial needs as well as investment. I have owned rentals for about 20 years and belong to the Metro Multifamily Association and have taken many management classes. Again, in rental management there are trip lines potentially at every turn.

Want to sell your property? It is a marketing task at the most basic. I worked for Intel Corporation for over 14 years in Marketing Communications. Overall marketing included project management for tradeshows, interactive CDs, the Internet, brochures, focus groups, video, print materials, photo directing, and general support for other communication projects. We might not have the budget to match Intel, but the concept and process are the same. It all comes down to client support and coordinating the communication process.

Call me and I will work to make it happen!