Turn in Agency Agreements Right Away


To comply with Real Estate Agency regulations, we need folks to start turning in:

  • Disclosed Limited Agency Agreements for Buyers
  • Buyer Representation Agreement
  • Engagement Letters

Send them to your reviewing broker within three business days of the time you and your buyer sign them.

The Real Estate Agencies require that all agreements be reviewed, initialed, and dated by your managing principle broker in Oregon, or designated broker in Washington, even if a transaction has not yet been initiated.

You can send them to your reviewing broker via DigiSign with a place for him or her to initial and date. Could be anywhere on the document, but somewhere on the lower right corner is usually the best spot.

DigiSign will save the initialed document in Working Documents > Personal Documents. When you get an offer accepted and you’ve set up the transaction file, you can assign the document to the transaction. See the screenshot below for an example of what this would look like from inside Personal Docs.

That will send the document to the “Documents” tab of the transaction. From there, you can “split” and assign it to the right checklist item, just like you do with all the documents that end up in the Documents tab because they’ve been stripped from emails into the file, or that the file has been CCd on.


This is a good time to remind everyone that every listing and transaction file in SkySlope gets it’s own, unique email address.


CC the file every time you send an email out. Most of the time, when people see a SkySlope address in the CC line, they will hit “Reply All” because the understand you need emails to go into the transaction file, but if they don’t, you can always manually forward the email into the file.

This protects you. Remember, you can do all kinds of great things, but if there’s no proof in the file, it didn’t happen.

When you have more important conversations with your client that should be noted in the file, you can either send your clients an email going over what was discussed and the CC file, or if you think it’s more appropriate, you could write an email directly to the file describing what happened. SkySlope stores these emails in the Log tab, which is all dated and time stamped, so it’s excellent proof that you’re not having a self serving memory after the fact.